The Story and the Mission

Where is your happy place?
Where do you feel the most “you”?  

Where do you find inspiration and comfort?
The woods are my happy place and the fuel for my peace and creativity. Growing up on a farm, I spent most of my days outside climbing trees, making daisy chains, playing with bugs, and walking through the woods with my family.
As a jewelry designer, this deep love and appreciation for nature has been evident in my work since the beginning. The woods have been my source of inspiration and are an invaluable piece of nature that needs protection. This is why I have decided to partner with the local nonprofit, Trees Charlotte. Their goals is to protect, maintain, and grow Charlotte’s tree canopy to 50% coverage by the year 2050. Currently Charlotte has a coverage of 47% but with all of the new construction and the older trees dying out, they have estimated that 25,000 trees need to be planted every year to meet their goal.


Why are trees important?
Straight from Trees Charlotte… “A healthy tree canopy means a healthier environment for Charlotte residents. Among the myriad benefits, trees clean our air, filter our water, ease storm water run-off, reduce our energy usage, cool our streets, parks, and homes, increase property values and provide natural beauty that is the envy of cities across the world.”
What does this have to do with jewelry?
A portion of the proceeds from every Tree of Life or tree sculpture sale goes towards purchasing trees for Trees Charlotte. As a company, Woodland Wraps hopes to provide the funds for at least 10 trees by the end of 2018.

How you can help

Thank you for your support!

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