Christmas Trees... Fake or Real?

Posted by Danielle Todys on

I’ve always preferred a real tree over a fake tree for Christmas. Something about the smell and texture makes the house seem so much more cozy than a fake tree. I recently read an article saying that using a real tree is better for the environment than a fake tree. Initially, this surprised me because so many trees get cut down each year to fill living rooms like mine. BUT… according to this article, even though fake trees are used for many years before they are thrown out, the synthetic material that goes to the land fill is more harmful than using a live tree each year. Synthetic material takes hundreds of years to decompose but live trees decompose and create compost. Plus, Christmas tree farmers grow more trees throughout the year and quickly replace the trees cut from previous holiday seasons.

Many people use fake trees because of allergies, skin sensitivities, cost, and other reasons. If your family uses a fake tree thinking it’s saving the environment, consider switching to a live tree once it’s time for the fake one to go. My family had a fake tree when I was little because of my brothers’ and sister’s allergies. What a transformation it made when we were finally able to switch to a real tree! You may be pleasantly surprised with the difference it makes in the house!

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