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Setting: You’ve just arrived at your beautiful destination after traveling for hours to get there! You’re freshening up and getting ready to go to dinner, but when you reach for your ziplock bag of jewelry, your heart sinks... Everything is one giant tangled MESS! 

Hands up if this sounds familiar!  I’ve been there. Believe me, I feel your pain! You spend forever untangling chains and trying not to damage your jewelry while becoming more and more frustrated!

Let’s make sure that NEVER happens again! Here are 3 easy ways to keep your jewelry safe and organized while traveling.

Bag it

This is my personal favorite way to pack jewelry. It works especially well for the type of pieces I tend to make and wear. Basically, I pick whichever wire wrapped pendants I want to bring and put them in a drawstring bag, along with 2-3 suede or leather cords of different colors. You can tie these up small so they don’t get tangled in the bag. This makes it easy to switch out whichever color cord you want to wear. If the pieces are more delicate, you can wrap them individually in something like recycled paper or tissue paper and put them in the bag with the rest of your pendants, or in a small hard container (old cardboard jewelry box, small glass jar, small plastic container…)


Roll it 

This technique is excellent for chunkier necklaces, necklaces with chain, and bracelets that can lay flat. All you do is pick out a cloth or towel, lay everything out on it side by side, and start rolling! Each roll should only have 1 piece of jewelry in it. This is to keep everything separate and untangled. If you have a bar necklace or a piece with a hard part that won’t/shouldn’t bend, place the hard part on the top or bottom of the towel. This is because once all your jewelry is rolled up, you’re going to fold the towel-burrito in half and you don’t want to damage any solid pieces. From there, just tie it off on the open end and somewhere in the middle with anything you have laying around (rubber band, hair twisty, string, etc.). Voila! You’re done!

If you have a delicate necklace that you don’t want to roll, read the “Poke it” section for a different approach!


Poke it

In case you’re wondering… yes, I giggled when I wrote this! For this one, you will need thick paper like cardstock or a business card, a push pin, and scissors. Earrings are hard to travel with in general but this will keep them separate and organized. All you do is poke holes near the edge of the paper and stick one earring hook through each hole. Depending on the style of the earring hook, you may have to adjust the distance of the holes from the edge of the paper. Once the earrings are on there, you can secure them with earring backs to keep them from falling off. The “earring card” can go right in some sort of pouch to keep it from getting caught on stuff.


For the delicate necklaces, use the same thick paper (business card size works best) and cut diagonal slices down from the sides. Make sure the cuts are angled down and towards the center of the paper. Carefully slide the chain into the slits with the pendant hanging on the front. Now just wrap the chain around the card, sliding it into the slits as you go. Do this until you can’t wrap anymore. You may have enough chain left to undo the clasp, wrap each side one more time, and clasp it back on the other side of the card. I didn't have enough chain left to show this in my example. Store this in some sort of pouch or small container for protection.



These are my favorite methods of transporting jewelry but they certainly aren’t the only options. Do you have any clever ways you like to pack your jewelry? Leave a comment below and share the love!

FYI, the earrings on the card and the pendants in the top picture are all available for purchase. You can find most of them here on my website www.woodlandwraps.com


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  • I particularly love the simplicity of the towel method! I am a market go-er so this will come in super handy instead of “lay them in a plastic container and get there and they’re all tangled, no matter how careful you drive” hahaha.
    Thanks for the tip (:

    Brydie on

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